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What is approved child Care?

It is child care approved by the Australian Government because it meets certain standards and requirements. This includes having a license to operate, qualified and trained staff, being open certain hours, and meeting health, safety and other quality standards.

Can I get Child Care Benefit (CCB) if I use approved care?

CCB is a payment from the Government that helps with the cost of your child care. If you are eligible and you meet the income test, you can receive CCB. You need to claim for Child Care Benefit so that you can also receive your Child Care Rebate

Can I get the Child Care Rebate (CCR) if I use approved care?

You may also be able to get the CCR if you have used approved care, are eligible for CCB (at the zero rate or more) and met the CCB work, training, study test (for the purpose of the rebate).
Please note that there is no income test for the CCR. If you are eligible for Child Care Benefit, but your CCB entitlement is zero due to income, you may still be eligible for the CCR.